Saturday, August 19, 2017

Friday Finds

Starts with H
2 Simple or simplify
3 Green
The first will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second and third will be different each time.
Hosted by Friday Finds and this is V4 or round 4!!!

Also playing along at ABC Wednesday

Eh to Zed

For this round of the alphabet I am going to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday by showcasing towns across the county.
To date I've been in the Maritimes with my letters. For the letter E we went to Ontario. F we were back in the Maritimes. With G we're going into Ontario.

Back in the Maritimes in Halifax. Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia.

Simple or Simplify

My absolute favourite colour!


August 2017 - Toronto ON

Canoe Landing Park which I gave you a glimpse of last week.
Davisville Sculptures that we also saw last week.

By now you know that we tend to treat Saturday as a day of rest, meaning we don't typically go out but use it to catch up on things and relax.
I did get some photos though.

Our building has just added some new art displays reflecting the history of the building and the area.

The hallway adjacent to the Shipping and Receiving Department and Loading Dock has fun loving pictures of small dogs to guide our residents’ way to the doggie rest area as well as the ample lawns and walkways for human and canine play and exercise.

The hallway just outside of the Shipping and Receiving Department and Loading Dock area has been graced with pictures that pay tribute to the many dedicated contractors who come to The Palace Pier to help renovate, maintain and overall contribute to increasing the value of our building. Another image recognizes the hard working movers and delivery personnel who carry and load myriad possessions and packages for our residents.

The B-1 entrance hallway from the parking garage leading Visitors up to “The Palace Pier & Environs Historical Retrospective”, now has glimpses of vintage cars, heralding more of the history that we share.

More to come!

Dinner was crispy pork belly with a new recipe for cashew cabbage.

One Word Sunday Decline
inSPIREd Sunday
Six Word Photo
Shadow Shot Sunday from The Milliner's Daughter exhibit

Some more new art in our building.
B-3 parking level evokes our spectacular vistas overlooking the Great Lake Ontario, reminding us that sailing is part of the lifestyle of many who reside in The Palace Pier, enjoyed through 3 of our 4 seasons. These images also beckon our many gifted artist and photographer residents and employees, inviting them to capture each one-of-a-kind water scene.

Lamb chops with Dijon basil butter mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

More of my walk last week
Weekly travel theme - numerals
The Milliner's Daughter lots of photos from the exhibit I saw last week that some of you were curious about
Good Random Fun
Foto Tunes

I headed out to get some photos to finish off some posts.  And found some new stuff as well.

Bank of Montreal which is 200 years old this year had this on display in its branch at FCP. This was for the 40th anniversary of FCP First Canadian Place in 2015.

Lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

I like this one in the Intercontinental Hotel.

Art in the Convention Centre.
This cool skyline is a quilt.

One Horse Town by Sebastien Larochelle going for $17,500.

Another one I really like. My Life is a Dream by Melanie Giguere selling for $5,095.

Dinner was an old staple that we haven't had this year! Asian ground pork and green beans.

Tuesday Treasures also from last week's walk

We headed out to Burlington, about an hour's drive from home depending on traffic. Our first destination was the Royal Botanical Gardens mainly to see the Lego displays.
Click for the fun Lego art
Click here for more garden art.
And click here for lots of flowers and plants

We had lunch in the Tea House in the background.
I had the Tea Sandwiches $8.50 Assortment of delicate sandwiches including cucumber and mint cream cheese, egg salad, and curried chickpea salad.
And it was quite good, they didn't mention that these were open-faced, however.
John had a garden salad.

The water lilies were gorgeous.

And we had fun playing with the reflections.

From there we headed to Milton to Terre Bleu a lavender farm, just in time as they were harvesting.
Lots more lavender photos here.

We should have dressed for the occasion!

Dinner, at John's request, was Asian chicken lettuce wraps. He just loves these.


John's weekly golf.

I went to St. Lawrence Market, with a stop at Winners, always dangerous. Escaped with a pair of leggings, sweater and dishtowels $60 not bad.

A shot of the skyline looking west on my trip.

I wanted to go exploring but there was laundry to do along with other chores.

A nice sunset.

Dinner - au gratin potatoes sauteed cabbage and ham.

Thursday Doors

Our destination today was the Underpass Park.
The park transformed derelict and unused space beneath a series of overpasses into a unique community park.
Just a peek, because we took so many photos of the incredible murals!
Click here for more photos and even more here.
Then check out the next Monday Mural for even more.

We had last night's leftovers for dinner.

After a good breakfast we packed for a weekend wedding in Kitchener, about an hour's drive.

Dinner was hosted by the wedding couple, my cousin and her partner.

John and Laura.

Julie and Anais. Funny, I don't have a photo of the happy couple Julie and Laura! I will rectify this at the wedding on Saturday.

John and I had the delicious steak frites, these fries were amazing! Garlicy with Parmesan cheese.


I finished Her Turn to Cry finally. I found it started to drag but needed to know the ending.

Started I Let You Go, and don't really have a feeling how it will go.

Haven't browsed a cookbook in a while, thumbed through Ovenly this week.
I am excited to try the cheddar mustard scones.


Weekend Cooking hosted by
Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.

inSPIREd Sunday

I found this in my drafts folder from 2013!! I looked back and found a post from 2015 where I had gone inside.

October 2013 - Toronto ON

The Church of the Holy Trinity is an Anglican church in downtown Toronto, Canada at Trinity Square.

This church sits in the shadow of the ugly massive shopping mall (shudder) Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. The square that surrounds the church is a mecca for the homeless and the smokers from the surrounding office towers.

Also nearby are two courthouses. The church motto on its website is "offering justice in the heart of the city".

It offers a sanctuary from the bustling commercial surroundings. 

The Church of the Holy Trinity opened in 1847 following the gift of an anonymous donor (later revealed as Mary Lambert Swale of Settle, England). Mrs. Swale had stipulated that all pews were to be free and unreserved, a tenet of the High Church party in England at the time.

Located behind the Eaton Centre, adjacent to Holy Trinity Church, can be found 6 Trinity Square which was , the home of the Reverend Henry Scadding between 1862 and 1901. The historic plaque on the building reads: "Scadding was born in Devonshire, England in 1813, and came to Upper Canada in 1821. Educated at Upper Canada College and Cambridge University, he was ordained to the Anglican priesthood at St. James Church, Toronto, in 1838, and the same year became Master of Classics at Upper Canada College. In 1847 Scadding was appointed first rector of the nearby Church of the Holy Trinity, where he served until 1875. He lived in this town house, which complements the church and was designed by William Hay, from its completion in 1862 until his death. Here Scadding, a noted scholar, wrote numerous religious, literary, and historical works, including his best-known books, 'Toronto of Old'(1873) and, in collaboration with J.C. Dent, 'Toronto: Past and Present' (1884)."