Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bloomin' Vegas

March 2017 - Las Vegas NV

This was going to be part of a recap of our week in Vegas, but I quickly realized that the Bellagio deserved its own post.

We have to walk through the shopping promenade before we get to the Conservatory.

My first stop in Vegas is always Bellagio, The Conservatory, for the latest display and this time I really do think it is their best, so much that I even went back with John on another day to see it again.  If you click here you will see links to the various displays that we've seen since 2012.
So these photos are our combined visits.

This spring's theme is a Japanese Spring.

Total flowers on display for the duration of the exhibit: 82,830

The Japanese inspired walkway design is center stage in this garden.

The Kabuki character stands 28’ height and 35’ in length. His outer dressing is made up of textiles and preserved flowers. The preserved roses are 900 deep purple, 90 deep red, 1100 dark red, 1,100 red, 500 red/cream bi-color, 252 dark pinks, 225 fresh green, 225 dark green, and 2,000 white hydrangeas.

There are 65,000 flowers in the Japanese Spring arrangement. Flowers include Foxglove, Easter Lilies, Cineraria, Snapdragon, Cyclamen and Calla Lily. There are 630 shrubs ranging from Hybrid Yellow, Nandina Domestica Gulf Stream, Mugo Pine and Selaginella.

Butterflies! Hmm I got to thinking why are they called "butterflies"??
Thanks to the Butterfly website I learned this!

The Anglo-Saxons used the word 'butterfloege' because their most common butterfly was the yellow brimstone butterfly. This English influence was brought to the new world. In the colonies, people claimed that at night witches would turn into winged creatures and steal butter. In other languages, the butterfly's name means 'licker of milk' and milk thief. So maybe they were not off the mark. In Russia, they're called 'babochka' or 'little soul'. The ancient Greeks called butterflies 'Psyche' which also means 'soul.' Many cultures feel that when we die our souls go to heaven as butterflies. In France they are called 'papillon.' Parking tickets are called 'papillon' too because they are big pieces of yellow paper. When they are placed under a windshield wiper they flap like a big yellow butterfly. The Sioux Indians called butterflies 'fluttering wings'. There are other stories which are not as pleasant. The Dutch word for butterfly describes the color of when they go to the bathroom. It is a yellow drop from something that flies. 


2,600 carnations
Height: 6 feet
Wingspan: 6 feet

Flowers: 850 roses
Height: 4 feet
Length: 7 feet
Width: 5 feet

Flowers everywhere!

More Japanese themes.

Let's step out into the lobby. It was impossible to get closer to the display behind the registration.

I must be very "au courant" as I happened to buy a parasol last week in California!

Even these Hermes scarves are works of art in a shop window.

The other day when I was here I caught the end of the fountain show playing this:


  1. I missed this spectacular display. One night was definitely not enough time to see everything.

  2. The Bellagio certainly does go for opulence!

  3. Oh my gosh this is outstanding and so beautiful. I loved it all.